Fifth socks of 2013.


Even though these are officially the fifth pair of socks completed in 2013, I have very little information to offer you about them. I believe I started them way back in February but I lost the wrapper to the wool so I don’t know the brand or make or fiber content. I bought the yarn on sale at K2Tog a few years ago. I CAN tell you that I made them extra long in a nod to my friend Janine who feels that socks won’t get worn if they’re not long enough (I disagree).

Any-hoo, sock production has slowed significantly around here owing not only to the beautiful, warm, summer-like temperatures but also to the demands of my new J-O-B. Nevertheless, I strive to always have at least one pair of socks on the needles and I’m currently nearing completion of the first sock in a pair of Spring Forward socks (how appropriate).

Sixth socks of 2013.

I’ve knit these pattern a few times already but never for myself. I don’t think this pair will be for me either as I’ve got PLENTY of socks  – I’ll share my personal sock collection with you soon.

So yeah, summer temps have turned my attention to gardening. My tomato plants have gone crazy! Planted on March 1, here is a shot of the plants two months later. From left to right: Cherry, Early Girl and Roma tomato plants.

I couldn’t decide which shot of Fifth Socks I liked best  – sometimes it’s so HARD to edit – so here’s another shot. My sister Liz is such a great sock model.

Fifth socks of 2013.

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